I considered going with “The Never Ending Struggle Against Dehydration” or “My Body Hates Me” but settled for the title above. I don’t believe that the older you get the more you struggle with hangovers because I pay careful attention to how alcohol affects my body. I don’t care if you’re 20, 30, or 100, if you treat your body how I do, you pay the price. During the weekend I consume practically no water and only alcohol for extended periods of time. This weekend was no different and was incredibly fun with stories galore.

Friday was a pretty typical night beginning with some pre-gaming and ending with some madness at the bar. I specifically remember getting shot down by a 10 out of 10 within the first sentence I spoke. Sam was making some moves on some ladies who I’m sure he wouldn’t have had the balls to go after without some liquid courage. Everyone got back to 444 safely and the next day was where it really began. I met up with the Shee at 11am to have some breakfast and a drink called a “painkiller”. After we were finished eating we got the beer pong going. Inexplicably, Jonny and Gourlay were lounging around without their shirt on when our neighbor (who was going to bring over some females) stopped over and noticed the scene only to never return. This is where things start to get a bit hazy.

At 3 pm we all started to pour on the shots and then head to the free radio 104.5 concert that was being headlined by Panic at the Disco. I couldn’t tell you what time we got there but my memory remembers the concert being over in 30 minutes but I’m sure I was there for 3 hours. It was extremely crowded and easy to get lost from the group so we met back up after the concert. Things didn’t stop here though as we started playing some ping pong for shots. At this point you’d think we’d be tired after 10 hours of straight drinking but that didn’t stop as we went to one of Jeff’s friends house. People at the party could describe the events better than me but I was pretty shitfaced and had to be making an ass out of myself and hardly coherent. You’d think I’d have done this so many times that I wouldn’t be embarrassed by it but you’d be wrong. In incredible fashion, all 3 Stortz boys passed out on their couch at some unbeknownst time that was probably before midnight. I awoke at 5am surrounded by people on the couch and staggered out of the apartment to get a cab. Amazingly I was able to hail one and got back safely.

Why I played golf yesterday I’m not sure because I felt terrible. I haven’t played a round of golf where I was really feeling like playing in 3 rounds. This could be construed as a waste of money as not only am I not playing my best, I’m also not enjoying it as much as I should. Today was rough too but at least I’m feeling better now. You can always judge in what state of mind I’m in by tuning into the blog. If I’m posting regularly and my posts contain some thought, I’m feeling good. If I go 5 days without posting, I’m either missing or inebriated. I should have a nice week lined up though so I’ll keep the posts coming. Good weekend overall though with many funny times with good people.