This is the problem with the majority of people today.  When someone asks you a question, a good answer is never “I don’t know”.  Forming opinions and making decisions is essential to being successful.  For instance, if someone asks you what you want to eat and you answer I don’t know than I have to think to myself, “well if you don’t know what you want how am I supposed to know.”

I’m in the process of purchasing a new vehicle.  My first car purchase I was a rook and pretty much was just getting my feet wet.  Now i’m going in prepared although my situation is a bit different than some and I feel a bit strung up in my options but as the buyer I still have negotiating power.  My car has some dings and dangs due to some reckless driving in unusual circumstances.  This puts me in a bad spot when turning in my car because there is a cost to damage and will hinder my options potentially.  Ideally, the dealership will buy the car back from the financing company (damage and all) and then sell me a brand spanking new 09′ TL for similar payments which I’m making now.  I will pit the 2 dealerships against each other and I’m considering adding a 3rd.  I have 5 months to do this which will give me plenty of negotiating time.  The dealerships will work with me as long as I’m willing to purchase a new car from them so I won’t really be looking at anything but Acura’s.

My new car coincides with my purchase of a new phone.  I’ve been haggling with Verizon to sell me a Blackberry but they are being stubborn.  So I’ve decided to throw AT&T into the mix and get an Iphone if Verizon doesn’t budge.  This means that I have to negotiate AT&T to picking up my cancellation fee from Verizon.  Problem is the Iphone doesn’t have insurance and looking at my past record and the fact I’ve been dropped by the phone insurance company, this poses a problem.

I’m actually having fun with these stupid life situations but it’s because I look at it as a game.  I don’t give a shit about the person on the other end of the line or the salesman across from me.  They mean nothing to me, just a person doing a job.  If you take that approach and don’t care if you are being a dick, you will get better deals in life.  I haven’t always taken this life philosophy but as I’ve gotten older and see how many pricks there are out there, it’s a dog eat dog society.  Everything is negotiable and the ability to make decisions is a priority.  Next time you think about answering a question with I don’t know, think again, at least think.

Ice T’s Wife.