I want to take this post and throw some shout outs to a few various people who have affected my life tremendously.  I made it easier to comment now which is the main reason no one has done so. (right…)

Laura, my sister.  Thank your for peeling my EZ pass off of my windshield.  After I got it back from you it never stuck to the windshield again.  I now have to put it on my dashboard and any time I make a sharp turn it slides across the dashboard and falls on the ground.  Every time it falls off I think of you.

I want to thank Bill Murtha.  Freshmen year of college I lent him my Playstation2.  After a couple of days I come in to see the Ps2 barely sitting on the corner of the bureau.  Not surprisingly it fell off and the 2nd controller port never worked again thus causing me to use my multitap to play against multiple people.  This was a telling sign of your clumsiness but you put up with my drunken shit for 4 years so I can let this minor incident slide.

I want to thank Bud Schmidt for saving my life.  He was driving a golf cart down the 15th, i think, hole at Twining valley and he put the cart in neutral to make it go faster down the hill.  Bud was always trying to make the cart go faster.  Anyway his hat flew off his head and instead of riding down to the end of the hill he decided to make a hard left trying to go back for the hat (genius).  I can’t remember exactly but I think the force flew him out of the cart and I held on for dear life hoping that the cart wouldn’t flip.  Fortunately it didn’t but I won’t forget Bud’s attempt on my life and then his courageous act of saving my life.

Next up is Gene Dooley.  Gene actually did save my life, and his own, as I wasn’t paying attention driving and we were heading off the road and he rightfully put his hand on the wheel from the passenger side and steered us back to safety.  Dooley may be one of the best beer pong players I’ve met although I’m sure he doesn’t need you to tell him that because he already knows.  I will however out drink the party boy under the table even though he’s too embarrassed to admit it.

And just a few shout outs.  I’ll thank Bill Gates for making me aware that I never want to play RuneScape due to the fact that he probably spent hundreds of hours clicking his mouse mining for ore.  It still makes me crack up laughing every time I think about it.  Although you were a beast a Quake 3 with that fucking rail gun.  BG is always looking to hack or scam someone to put the odds in his favor.

I’ll thank my brother for starting a blog and making us look like 2 blogging dbags from the same family.  (His link is on the right side of my blog)  But just to point something out, there is no such thing as heavy traffic near the Dreshertown shopping center.  Try sitting on 76 for an hour and moving 1 foot.  People will hate on the blog but the easiest comeback is “if you don’t like it, don’t read it.”

And finally Jess Baker for being one of the only people who actually read this thing.   Without positive feedback I may have lost hope and this masterpiece of a blog may never have come to exist.  There you go, there’s your shout out.

On a serious note.  I would like to thank Brian Gallagher for introducing me to classic rock.  I would never have found my deep appreciation of Bruce, Billy, the Eagles, Elton John… the list goes on.  I lost touch with you a couple years ago, through fault of my own, and even though I don’t know the events that occurred, I know you were too young to pass on.  Everytime I hear I’ve just seen a face by the beatles, summer highland falls by Billy, or that shitty song Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield you’ll come to mind.  He liked listening to songs on repeat which drove me nuts.  He also introduced me to  MD 20/20 aka Mad Dog.  This led to me drinking 3 mad dogs which made me pass out standing up next to a 20 gallon fish tank.  I put my arm through the tank getting water everywhere and leaking into the room below.  In my drunk stupor I was covered with water and had this brilliant idea to unplug it.  After making an attempt Bill Gates yelled at me and called me a fucking idiot because I was trying to electrocute myself.  Even though I’m not a firm believer in god there have been times in my life where someone was watching over me.  Brian was a good guy and good friend through my college years and my thoughts are with his family through this tough time.