Dear Anonymous Messenger,

In the days of cell phones it makes sense to think that you don’t have to introduce yourself when calling someone else. Your name is always displayed on the, well, display. As someone in business who answers the phone quite often, I can’t stand when people don’t say who it is and expect you to know who they are when they first talk. At work we have landlines and it doesn’t display anything which makes every call a mystery. Today I had someone call and leave a message that went like this, “Hey John and Tom, it’s *garble garble* and I need some items. Give me a call back.” No number, name was inaudible (almost comical to the point that it was the only part of the message that was unclear), and I have no chance in hell recognizing the person’s voice. I probably answer 25 calls a day and there is no way I can decipher every person’s voice. Plus you make me feel like an idiot when you know who you are talking to and make me guess who I’m talking to. Anytime I guess wrong, you think I don’t know who you are. So do me a favor, say who it is when you call people. It’s different for people you speak to on a regular basis, but if it’s every so often, just say your name, say your name, say your name.