I was going through my wardrobe trying to pick something out and I realized that I tend to pick out the same clothes time after time. I probably own about 25 collared, short sleeve shirts and probably only wear 10 of them. Specifically wearing my top 3 over others more often. So I started wondering what makes one shirt better than the other?

  • The fabric is one thing that stands out. The higher quality the material, the nicer the feel. Unfortunately for me, most of my clothes are all around the same quality level and this rarely comes into play.
  • The fit is becoming my most important factor. Shirts that are way too big and wear like dresses are immediately out. Others where the sleeves are too short and feel like tank tops also get avoided. I used to like to wear XL shirts because I’d shrink them in the wash, but that seems like the wrong thinking as now all my XL shirts are my least favorite.
  • The design of the shirt also comes into play. I tend to like either all solid color shirts or with a simple stripe design. Once too many colors start clashing or if they are too bright, I tend to dismiss the shirt.
  • The collar is an overlooked part of a shirt. The collar for me almost determines whether or not I’ll like a shirt. It can’t be too high, big, or the buttons in front can’t look stupid. It must fold nicely.
  • The most important deciding factor of wearing clothes is if they make you feel cool. It hardly matters whether you actually look cool or not, the point of clothing is to make you feel cool. Feeling cool comes from all of the points above fitting into one shirt. When the fit, design, and material all come together, you can feel good about your attire.