This has been an interesting week to say the least. So everyone knows, anytime someone says something is “interesting”, it’s because they can’t come up with a better descriptive word. Interesting essentially means nothing. That being said, I’m trying to kick start my life back into a normal person and I’m struggling along. After puking my guts out on Sunday, I think I strained a muscle in my stomach and now anytime I take a shit and push, my right shoulder starts bothering me. Couple that with my body feeling dehydrated and not working out for 10 days straight, I feel about 10 years older. I was able to get some miles in the last 2 days and after taking it moderately easy last night, I’m starting to return to form.

If you haven’t noticed, which I’m sure you haven’t, anytime I crank out a post like this, it’s because I don’t have any real material so I have to recount the past few days of my life to get something on the website. In terms of content this isn’t great, but I know it’s better than nothing because nothing is the worse form of output. I won’t be posting much in the next couple days because Laura is getting married and I’ll be a part of the celebration of holy matrimony. Work has been extremely busy as well which has been keeping me occupied. I’ve been getting a ton of good blog ideas that don’t make it to press but that’s ok because they are all being stored in my brain which will eventually poop it out. Keep returning because good content will be coming.