Phone Conversation
I’m either terrible on the phone or every single person I talk to is just as bad. It’s hard to explain the difficulty of talking to people on the phone but I want to throw out a few issues.

First off, I’m not a girl and I don’t call people just to talk. If I’m calling you there is a reason for the call and once I find the answer to the purpose of the call then I’m ready to move on. For example, I call someone to find out what they are doing for the night, I establish if they want to hang out, then I confirm a meeting place and hang up. I don’t ask how’s their day or did you watch that show last night. It’s straight to business and I’ll save the small talk when I see the person.

When I’m talking it means that you aren’t talking. Conversations have 2 key ingredients, a talker and a listener. This is where my main problems lie. What always seems to happen is I start talking, I’ll finish a sentence and then I’ll want to say something else but the other person is responding to what I just said and then we both start talking at the same time. Then we both stop talking and sit in silence for a couple of seconds. Then we both find the silence weird and then both start talking again only to stop again because we are both talking at the same time. Then I get annoyed and just decide I’m going to talk no matter what. This is no joke, this happens to me with more than just one person. I answer the phone at work all the time so I have conversations with people all day. I really don’t think I’m doing anything wrong so I obviously blame the other side of the conversation.

Here’s another strange thing about the phone. Say you have plans for the evening with one group of friends. Someone from another group of your friends calls and you know they are going to ask you to do something that you don’t want to do. I’m sitting at my desk and my phone starts vibrating and I look who it is. Now I know that I have no good news for this person. They are going to ask me if I want to do this, the answer is no, but I have to tell this person without sounding like what I have going on is a better option. So do I pick up and be the bearer of bad news or do I just puss out and not answer it hoping it goes away. These thoughts actually run through my head and pretty much explains why I’m a social retard.

People who have dealt with me on the phone know that it’s not one of my strong points and hopefully this clears up my ineptitude with the phone. I sometimes like to text because it’s short and too the point, then I don’t have to get caught up in a conversation with someone when I really only care about one agenda item. I read this back to myself and think I’m a complete sped but what I wrote is the truth.