I woke up early on Saturday and went to CVS for some body wash. A lady in front of me asked for some Newports and matches but the cashier told her he had no matches. She then asked how much a lighter was, $1.79, and decided that it wasn’t worth it. She walked out of the store only to come back in a few seconds later while I was being rung up. She asked if the cashier knew where her pack of gum went. He didn’t see it and then asked her if it was in her pocket. She acted surprised and then pulled the gum, which she hadn’t paid for, out of her coat pocket. She then goes into this long spiel how she wasn’t a thief and asked why the clerk didn’t stop her from taking the gum. He said he thought it may have been hers. I’m standing here the entire time just shaking my head wondering how on Earth you can successfully steal something only to be a dumbass and turn yourself in, and then act in bewilderment with what just happened.

After that little occurrence I went for a long 11 mile run. I was ticking off 6:40 miles until mile 7 when I started feeling my calve tighten up. I was able to run through it and started picking it up to the tune of 3 consecutive sub 3 minute halves. I cooled down the last 2 miles and was pretty pleased with my performance. I have the American Odyssey relay coming up and the broad street so I’m pretty confident heading in especially when I can use these next 3 weeks to really fine tune my condition. I also played ball on Saturday at some new courts (to me at least) at 26th and Pine. The games were decent but nothing great. After ball, I hung out with Steve and met up with some people in Conshy. I wisely took a taxi back at the end of the night which cost about 40 bucks but at least it kept me out of trouble.

Sunday was JC’s birthday so we were going out for dinner in the evening. I pretty much dazed through the morning hours and then met up with Bud and Jeff to play some bball at Mondauk. The games were average but I need any type of work I can get. Towards the end I could actually feel some confidence coming back in my game which is welcomed. I also purchased some new shoes which dug into my heels because my socks were too short. I’m in pretty good pain today after a 2 hour run yesterday. I felt like a turd after ball and we went to dinner at Iron Hill Brewery in Chestnut Hill. I ate a nice slab of prime rib and afterwards drove Sam back to Ursinus. After I dropped Sam I knew the prime rib was making my stomach uneasy. In one fell swoop I almost shit my pants and it made me realize how people lose control of their bowels. So I’m basically driving fully clenched and I knew I had 30 minutes more to drive. Thankfully I got back safely and hit the sack early. I feel good today and this will be a short week because I’m heading to PSU on Friday for JKash’s bachelor party.