I notice people who have jobs that involve using a keyboard and I shake my head at how awful some people type. Typing is not an optional skill to have, it’s a requirement. Typing allows you to produce a hard copy of your ideas. Using the number pad effectively separates dolts from accountants. Someone who can type at 100 words a minute compared to someone who types at 50 should constitute the difference of thousands of dollars of pay. The person who can type quickly and efficiently doesn’t waste their time typing. They can spend their time on more productive tasks. If you don’t use the home row to type, you aren’t an efficient typist. There are not many greater skills to have in this day in age compared to typing. I wouldn’t hire someone if they were slow at typing because the aggravation of them wasting time typing would drive me mad.

I took this test to give you an idea of my typing ability. I did it one time and I don’t think the idea is to perfect the test. It’s to get a general idea of how proficient you are. If you fall below 300 KPM, get help. Post your fastest KPM and I’ll dedicate a post in your honor.

Keystrokes Per Minute (KPM): 460
Words Per Minute (WPM): 92
Time (seconds): 90
Errors: 37 (5.36%)
Your average speed is 460 KPM.