I’m hoping that some people out there found the videos below to be pretty entertaining. I think the idea of recording your kids is such a stupid idea in the present, but an amazing one 25 years later. First I have to give my dad credit for having the foresight of transferring the tapes to DVD’s so that I had the ability to upload them to YouTube. I have to imagine I’m in the 1% of the population who has childhood tapes from the 90’s on YouTube.

What really excites me the most is that I can see how I was as a child. My mind’s interpretation of how I acted like a kid was way different than I actually was as a kid. I remember swishing 3’s, fielding ground balls, scoring goals, and basically being a boss. When my 30 year old self (I’m actually 29 but I don’t see any reason to not say I’m 30, I’ve already prepared myself mentally) looks back I can see I was just a little schmagwap. And I was one of the better athletes! Just imagine how all the other kids turned out. It’s hilarious when I’m rooting for myself to score baskets and I’m chucking up airballs. You don’t perceive yourself like that but when someone documents it and you can look back on it years later, it’s a real eye opener. It almost gives me more insight to who I’ve become as a person. How I acted then and how I was comparatively to other little kids, it’s just more info that helps me grow as a person. I have to believe most families in the 90’s didn’t own a camcorder and certainly didn’t turn them into DVD’s. Most people can’t share with everyone else what life was like back then. Who would have known Jeff was getting owned by Laura when he was 4 (by far my favorite video)!

Most people are always trying to move forward and not remembering the past. I usually try to be this way because you can never change what has already happened. However, when footage like this comes back in front of you, its hard not to be effected by it. What kind of a kid you were (from my generation) is usually not readily available. I’m sure people who have only known me in the past 10 years think what a cute kid I was and how did I possibly become an immature alcoholic with odd music taste. This will be the last I post about the old days and remembering things so enjoy it while it lasted because this will just be another memory.