I was listening to David Arquette today on Howard and he said that he has to be very careful how honest he is around the press. I’ve always been a firm believer that the truth is the most compelling form of entertainment. When Arquette said that he is also agrees that being honest is the best type of interview, but people can’t handle the truth, it struck a chord with me. Once the press gets a hold of what he may actually think about, say, Courtney Cox, they start to spin it and twist it until it makes him look like a tool. So it’s better to just hide the truth even if it’s not honest because it’s the better play. Now the reason this meant something to me is that this doesn’t just hold true with celebrities, it holds true every single day.

Some people just can’t handle the truth. Once they learn the truth they start freaking out and then making excuses for why what they believe in is the “actual” truth. Living under false terms or not being honest is the key to failure. What I find though in my life is that I’m usually trying to find the absolute best way to deliver the truth and causing the other side the least amount of headache. Now sometimes the best way of doing this is speaking the absolute truth. “Sir, your package wasn’t shipped today and you’ll be receiving it on x.” Opposed to, “Sir, we just got a new shipping manager and have had some backlog, let me get back to you.” This type of phrasing is done on a constant basis. Every situation plays itself into the truth to some extent. Here’s another good example from the Howard Stern interview with Steve-O who answer the question like a pro. “Steve-O, what’s your net worth?” “I’m not going to answer that because if I what I say is below what people expect I’m a chump and if it’s higher I’m a dick.” I just shook my head and nodded. Truth and honesty is the backbone (I just watched the clip below) of a strong character, how the truth is shaped though is mastery of life.

And what’s the point of this post???? THE TITLE. PEOPLE CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. If no one ever told a lie, no one would ever have any friends. And if you disagree with that last statement, you probably need to take your head out of your ass.