Amazingly people are playing Bryce Brown in 4 leagues against me. After a dramatic turn of events, I believe the Wild Turkeys have had a resurgence and will now fight for a playoff spot. The way I see it, 4 teams have 6 wins and one team has 7 and we are all fighting for 3 spots. This turns week 13 into an obvious must win against the league’s leader, Domination Station. This also assumes Cam and Steve Smith outscore Bryce Brown. This gets even more interesting as my points are the lowest so any boost by Cam and Steve Smith tonight make my chance better. Bud will enter the playoffs with a win next week so he determines his own future. Which leaves me in a 4 way, last in points, chase for the next two spots. I totally take back saying that I have no shot in this league.

I also noticed that I my pro league only has 4 playoff teams and will play 2 more regular season weeks. Assuming I win, Carolina and Greg Olson have to outscore Bryce Brown which is a big if, there will be 4 teams with the same record looking for 2 spots and I’m second in points amongst those 4. Also, if Cam can outscore Bryce Brown by 11 points tonight, I will take 3rd place into the playoffs with a chance at 2nd. So all in all, with some good fortune, I could have 3 playoff teams and the majority of my equity still in play. I lost in Baker’s league and it’s my lowest buy in so I can’t complain much with where I’m at. Total fantasy football post I know but this the most interesting thing currently.