On Saturday, Primetime played Show Us Your TD’s in the Semi-Final of the playoffs. On the 3rd play of the game they threw a deep pass for a TD. We subsequently turned the ball over when a Bake pass popped off of one of our players and they came down the field and scored again. Bake organized a scoring drive that ended with a TD to Jess Baker but that was matched by another long play to their wide out. At a crucial part of the game it was 4th down and we were down 21-7. Bake decided to go for it and through an OK pass to Allen who went up and got the ball to keep the drive alive. A TD thereafter made the game 21-14 going into halftime. One of our players, Derek, showed up which allowed Bake to sit on defense. This happened to be a game changer as they other team didn’t score another point. We opened the second half with 3 touchdowns and that was all she wrote. A late score finalized the game at 42-21. We play two Saturdays from now for the Championship against the Post Office.

My fantasy leagues are coming down to the wire. In my 4 leagues I’ve been eliminated from contention in 2. The Turkeys will not 3-peat. I still have a glimmer of hope in my Yahoo Pro league and will be in the playoffs in Steve’s league. My Fanduel days are finished as well. I also made a total of 4 dollars betting on games this weekend. Not my finest football week.