There have been two odd business, or bad business, practices that I have seen in the past few days. The first deals with Dunkin Donuts and how they process orders and management. The 2nd is the Mood Cafe in our apartment building which has a single digit customer total after 2 weeks in operation.

Dunkin Donuts, or at least this one, has this idiotic business practice where the person who is making your food calls out your number when the order is ready. The problem occurs when I happen to throw out my receipt or am not given one. I don’t know my order by number, I know it by identification with what you just made. If the person was like “sesame seed bagel with cream cheese”, I’d know it was mine. If she’s like 742, I have no idea. The management there is also horrendous because they just hired a new manager (who probably is in charge of this number fiasco), and everyone of the old employees wants to quit. The especially sad part is that this place always has a line out the door even with shoddy work.

The Mood Cafe is an Indian/American food establishment that opened up on the bottom floor of our apartment complex. They aren’t getting any business and I no exactly why. First of all, the parking lot to the building has a gate that is open from (6am-4pm) and is down the rest of the time. This isn’t a welcoming parking lot. There isn’t mass traffic around the area and it just isn’t a good location for a restaurant. I can also see that their thinking is that the residents of the building will probably eat here. This is flawed when I walk by the restaurant and never see anyone inside. It’s intimidating / scary, that no one eve eats there. I predict the Mood Cafe will be out of business in 6 months.