Sam, your pointless update was about 1:52 minutes too long. Unless the material is good, everything on youtube should be under 1 minute. While I was looking at Philly Bar Stool today, they had a EatDaPussy45 give a monologue for 9:24. I can’t sit there for that long. My attention span is about one minute and I’m sure that’s more than the average person. We need to be more succinct in how we do things.

Today at work JC was talking for what seemed like minutes straight and I was just staring right at him. Not making a reaction or anything, just looking at him and listening. He started yelling at me, telling me I’m making faces at him. Not actually making faces but not communicating in the conversation. I’m thinking, “how am I supposed to communicate when you talk for 3 minutes straight, I sit there and listen, and I’m still not doing what you expect out of me.” Then when he brought that he thought I was mocking him and I still continued telling him I have no idea what he was talking about (and I started to get a little pissed at this point) he said “why are you getting so angry”? Anyone knows the one way to fuel a fire is to tell a not angry person that they are getting angry and they immediately get angry defending they aren’t angry. It’s really a neat trick. Point is that things need to happen quickly. Mindless talk and blah blah blah just isn’t the way things get done. Hit em quick and hard.