This weekend was dominated by football. On Saturday we had our coed rec league game which was much different than last week. Bake started the game with a 3/4 length of the field rushing TD and that was pretty much all she wrote. I think the score was something like 50-6 but who even cares. That’s the one problem with this league, the games that get out of hand due to varying skill levels of athletes. It was still moderately entertaining and certainly more fun than losing.

After that I attended a Phillies tailgate hosted by a fundraising software company that I’ll keep out of my blog. Ck4 was in good form drinking his coors lights and I must give a shout out to an avid reader Casey. Sam spilling his soda down the steps in the 400 level was also one of the highlights. The Phils got the beaten to a pulp but it was still pretty entertaining.

I was pretty blitzed after leaving the game in the 8th inning and took the subway back to Philly. It started to pour which made my decision to walk to Evan’s not so good. I arrived completely drenched, hammered, and in no shape to enjoy the evening. I’ll chalk that up to some poor decision making. I awoke at 6am on his couch and walked home where I then slept for another few hours. Football Sunday was always a treat as I watched the games for 7 hours straight. I threw a workout in there after the 4pm games and that was pretty much my day. If I can hold off Green Bay’s D from getting 13 or so points, I’ll pick up my first W in Evan’s league which I’m secretly praying for. So far though my teams have been pretty lackluster and it sucks digging holes in the beginning of the season.

I’m going to have a pretty busy week this week as I’m heading on a sales trip tomorrow and then visiting a slate conference this weekend. So it should be a different type of week for me. Til next time.