What’s the greatest gift one human being can give to another? The future.” – Ben Horne

Ben Horne is a character in the brilliant TV series Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks first aired in 1990 and I just finished watching the series 22 years later. Even after so much time it still held its own which should prove how good it was / is. It is a murder mystery (for the first season) and then moves into some paranormal themes. The series contains twisted plot lines, cliffhanging misdirection, deceptive character development, and awesome music to boot. That quote above was a line from Ben Horne who happened to become one of my favorite characters. I believe this quote to hold true especially coming from this character who is developed as one of the most thoughtful on the show.

The idea of giving the future to someone else is obviously greater than any material possession. I like how the quote says “one human being can give to another,” because it doesn’t single anyone out. The easiest idea would be a husband and wife or providing for your family but giving the future to other people can be just as powerful. When you are trying to help someone out, just think back to this quote.

I personalize this quote because I want to be able to give someone a future when I’m ready. I want to be able to make their life better because they are with me. If I don’t feel like I’m prepared for the future myself, how can I feel good about passing it on with someone? My outlook is that people don’t think about the future and their answer is usually “I’ll figure something out.” Or the time is moving on I have to make something happen. I want it to be so when I find the girl of my choice, someone I really care about, I will be able to offer a family, sincere love, a better way of life… the future. It can’t be “I love you so much lets get married,” because 2 years later when the future turns out to be a shitstorm, next stop divorce station. If you aren’t thinking about the future, you aren’t thinking. I’m sure there is merit to living in the presence, but Ben Horne hits the nail on the head with this quote. If you can give some one future joy, you are doing it right.

The eccentric, diabolical, clever, profound, Ben Horne