I was greeted with a difficult decision. I felt like I had to take a dump but I knew it wasn’t going to be a full dump. It was like a midway poop that I just couldn’t decide if it was going to be worth the effort. What I mean is this, if you aren’t going to take a full shit and you have to pinch off the loaf, you are left with a shitty situation. Way more wiping is necessary and you know you still have half a log in your anus. The flip side is waiting out until the full poop develops but who knows how long that could take. I was actually just about ready to go to sleep and that made things even tougher because I didn’t want a stew brewing for an entire night. I eventually just sat on the throne and tried forcing one out but it was to avail. It was exactly like I expected and I had to cut it off early and I felt like Sam wiping an extraordinary amount of times. Like I described earlier, I even had to come back after a few minutes of walking around to be zest fully clean. This is normal right?