Sam will think this title is funny.

I feel like this is an obligatory post because I haven’t been posting. When that becomes the case, you know that the webpage is going downhill. Now I don’t necessarily believe this to be the case but one thing for sure is that I haven’t been keeping up with updating the site with worthy content. I’m basically coasting by with funny images from or other interesting things I run across in my travels. Judging by Gourlay’s comment on my facebook page, I have believe that these type of posts don’t excite the reader.

One thing you have to realize is that this is post #1,180. I don’t do that many new things to keep posting about my long drives off the tee, my improved chess rating, the money I win off the Cohen’s in bowling, or the epic points Sam and I have been playing in Ping-Pong. Been there, done that. If I’ve posted something about it before, chances are I’m not going to just continue to harp on the same topics. What this means is that I’m still doing things, just not posting about them. Which in turn means that if I’m not going to come up with content from my own life, I have to actually sit down and be creative! It’s not that I can’t but a post with creative content (which can take an hour to write) compared to a ten minute post about my life is radically different. Did I just use parentheses instead of commas? So I just wanted to take a post and explain where I’m at and to let any readers know that I’m still alive, I still plan on maintaining the blog, and I will hopefully be updating with better content in the future.