I rec’d this message on Facebook (while I’m at work). This person is one of Sam’s friends. Any guesses?

start blogging
i have a shitty job where i sit at a desk 8 hours a day and do 40 solid minutes of work

I have to imagine that this is probably the sole reason people check my webpage. I know I continue to disappoint with my lack of updates. As I was rolling through my archives I had some months I busted out 60 posts. Now I’m lucky to hit 20. It’s not that I’m not doing awesome things but they are just the same awesome things that I’m always doing. Which technically just make them less awesome. I have a few good ideas for posts but what’s been happening is I just sit down to write them and I find myself rushing through them (like this one except this idea for a post was pretty shitty). I do however take note of my poor effort and will do a better job moving forward. I want to point out that I like the addressing of me in the first message. It’s very pointed and direct. Tom. Start blogging. I probably would have capitalized it and used punctuation but kids these days. Who’s in for Trivia tonight?