Owl City
This is very funny because I thought up the idea of this post a week ago and just a day or so ago Evan asked me have I heard the song with Owl City and Carly Rae Jepson? Obviously I hadn’t but it completely answered my question of what happened to Owl City after his smash hit Fireflies. I haven’t heard from Adam Young in quite some time but after some minor research it seems like he has been touring. I guess I just felt like he ventured into the abyss because he has some sort of disorder.

Lark Voorhees

I picked her because I knew she looked messed up. Lark hasn’t really been current since the 90’s Saved By The Bell days but it’s always fun to see colored people go Michael Jackson. I can’t tell if its just make up or what but something has gone awry. The picture below is what you really have to be careful of. Yes that’s Sammy Sosa.

Ford Taurus Station Wagon

When I grew up my Mom had a Ford Taurus Station Wagon. I’m not going to lie, whenever she picked me up it always had a feel to it that you knew that was your car. I think the station wagon is almost obsolete at this point due to the SUV but this was THE car for parents with multiple kids in the 90’s. Whatever practice I was getting picked up from, this car was always able to take back you and whatever friends who needed rides. Going back to the 80’s, my mom had a station wagon where you could lower the back window which was clearly unsafe but we had such a great time waving to the people behind us. For those in the dark, there was a seat in the very back of the car and the seats faced the rear. Pretty awesome.

Big Johnson T-Shirts

These were bad ass shirts in the 90’s. I remember feeling like they were so X rated that I would never be allowed to wear them. I went back in Google Images and I probably never understood half the sayings on them. They are actually pretty funny. I’m considering buying a few just to make sure the Big Johnson name doesn’t die. Even if I might be a lier.