Anthony works in the grocery store
Saving his pennies for some day

I’ve been in the process of moving all my possessions out of Manayunk. It’s not so much the moving that bothers me but the time progression of being there. I spent 4 years in the Yunk and can say that I got to know the area pretty well. I earned free covers all the time to Kildare’s and Mad River which I expect to carry me to thru the future. I believe that any bar I visit with any frequency I earn great rapports with the staff. I’ll miss track workouts at Roxbourgh High School which essentially lets anyone run on their track at anytime. The location was the absolute best in terms of travel time to the city and to the suburbs. Even 200 Green Lane will go down as a place to remember. Specifically the age old table which endured countless games of beer pong and quarters. However, I can’t think of many times in the future that will come up where I say to myself, “let’s visit Manayunk.”

More on the progression of time. The one thing you never see coming is looking back and realizing you’ll never be that age again. I moved to Manayunk in my early 20’s and now I’m in my late 20’s and I just think to myself, “wow, I’ll never be 22 again.” I didn’t really mind this when I was in my early 20’s because I never looked back and said I wish I was 18. However, at all points of my life coming up, I’m always going to be wishing I was in my early 20’s. I don’t think there is a better age to want to be. Honestly, I actually think my current age is better but I know that this short little window where I still feel “in my youth” will end. I could care less about the moving process because life always moves on and that I can deal with. It’s knowing you can’t back that sticks me.