Most likely you are a culprit. This photo is better than 90% of the photos people post while they are at the Phillies game. When you are at the Phillies game, taking a picture with your phone and posting it on Facebook isn’t unique. Let’s just take one season for instance. 81 games x 30,000 people = 2.43 million. Out of this many people for 1!!!! season, probably 25 percent have done the same thing you just did and will continue to do. That’s several 500,000+ on a complete rough guess but times that by 5 seasons of Facebook and you have something that I’ve seen before.

I’ve seen it. Your at a Phillies game. Hooray. This picture is at least of a sky that looks somewhat different. People will take a picture of anything and warrant that it deserves posting just because. What is the purpose of posting it? If you have a really great shot, that’s one thing, but the back of a player is water trash. I defriended someone (who wasn’t even a friend) strictly because they constantly post Phillies pics.