I want to go over the idea of losing can be winning. No body likes losing. Losing generally means that something of value is diminishing. Whether it be your pride, your bank account, or something material, losing sucks. The uber successful people don’t like to lose. Michael Jordan wouldn’t be OK losing in any form. I however believe that it is OK to take short term losing for long term wins. This post describe my loss.

When I decided to buy 20 Mad River Tickets to try to scalp, I didn’t do it to try to make money. Making money was the secondary function to my ploy. A bartender who I have known there for years gets X amount of tickets to sell to patrons. It’s how the bar gets people to their events. She gets status the more tickets she sells. Unlike 99% of the population out there, I have 2 things in mind when I’m making this decision to purchase 20 tickets to scalp in this order 1) I’m helping someone I like out 2) I can profit. I promise you the #1 even surpasses me wanting to bang her but that falls as 1a. I’m well aware that I might lose money on this deal. I don’t care about the money. My life exists on more than money, For the rest of my life she’ll know that I did that for her and that’s cool. She’s hooked me up with drink deals in so many years that I owe her and will actively try to help her out if I can. I am a nice person to anyone who is nice to me. I never have any malicious intent to anyone unless there’s a reason.

This example is human emotion. I didn’t have to buy any tickets. I didn’t know 1 person who wanted to go to the event. I know this reads like a crock of shit but I promise gaining money had 0 influence in making this decision (maybe like 10 influence, I’m not really sure how to quantify it). The lesson though is that you don’t always have to win in life. You can win by losing. People like losers. If you can be ok with losing you can deal with a lot of life’s problems. Losing doesn’t always have to be negative. The masses identify with losing. People respect losers. Better put, people who are good at things, respect people telling them that they are inferior and they’d be willing to learn. That last sentence is seriously such a key to life. When you know someone is good at something, ask them how and why. They will appreciate your interest in something that you are really good at and are wowed by the fact that you can take an honest assessment of your own ability.

Just to close with two personal examples, this is why everyone is an idiot who says they are the best at ping pong and why I’m so humbled when Addasheee asks me for all my tips on how to swing a golf club.