In one of my brilliant money making schemes I decided to purchase 20 tickets to an event at Mad River at a wholesale price of 7.00 each. I’ve done this exercise before and have managed to sell up to 40 tickets at once to something similar and didn’t think I’d have a problem this time. Secret Service is a relatively big draw and I expected that there would be a line out the door and I could walk up to people and sell them my tickets for a minimum 10 dollars (the admission is 15) and then they wouldn’t have to wait in line making it a win/win for them. Ahh the best laid plans of mice and men. I get there at about 4pm with literally no line whatsoever. So what I had to do was stand outside the entrance about 25 feet away so I wouldn’t get caught (obviously Mad River would frown on my practice) and approach passerbyers hoping that 1) They were going to Mad River 2) They didn’t already have a ticket 3) They would purchase them at a discount from me.

I have never been so humiliated in my life. Well that’s not true but the exercise really sucked. After standing out there for nearly an hour and selling 4 tickets at essentially my cost, I went home and decided to try again later. I went back at 8 and eventually sold all of the tickets (I actually kept 4 in case I wanted to go myself) but managed to lose about 20 bucks on the deal. Scalping tickets seriously makes you feel like the scum of the Earth. I’d say “hey are you guys going to Mad River” and they’d avoid me like the plague. Like I’m some sort of creep who just got off the pedophile bus. It sucked. Especially because nothing was happening quickly. There would be dry minutes of no potential customers. Total flop.

This weekend I also managed to watch the Flyers at the Xfinity center on Friday, hit some golf balls, played about 20 games of chess, played bball at Mondauk and managed to get in a few runs. It sounds more active then it actually was. I have a 200 mile relay on Friday coming up so that will shorten the week by a day which is a nice change of pace.