This is how car accidents happen. On my way to work today my contact was irritating my eye. While driving, I decided to take it out and put it back in. I’m at a red light and remove the contact. While I’m looking at the contact and deciding if it’s inside-out, the light turns green. While doing this motion the contact falls off my hand and lands right in between the seat and the middle console. Now I’m driving with blurred vision in one eye and my depth perception is horrendous and need to retrieve the contact from the abyss. Contacts dry out after a few minutes so I had to save the contact while I was driving or else i would be a one eyed man for the rest of the day. I start moving my seat back and miraculously am able to retrieve the contact. The contact has all this dust and dirt on it from the floor beneath my seat and this creates major irritation if you put it in your eye. I had a bottle of water (without it I’d have failed) and used one hand to open the bottle, my other hand is holding the contact, and my knees to steer all the while as I can hardly see with only one contact in my eye. I dump the water on my hand and it gets all over my crotch area. I do my best to clean the contact and try to re-insert it back in my eye but its still burns like crazy and that’s a horrible feeling. For some reason if you get something in your eye your nose starts running and I didn’t have any tissues so I’m sitting there half blind with a running nose and still trying to drive effectively. Eventually I found the contact on the right spot of my eye after cleaning it in water again and now things are back to normal. Great start to the day.