Look at the picture, what do you see?

At first glance I see a beautiful, young woman in a fur coat and stupid hat. This is the right answer. However, within this picture lies an old woman who looks homeless. This is also the right answer. Now if two people get together and one person sees things one way and the other another, an argument can ensue. This argument is a good example of why you have to keep an open mind when discussing absolutely anything in life. Even though you might be right, so can the other person.

I noticed this just recently but I was wrong by saying Jason Bateman sucks. The point isn’t so much that he doesn’t suck (he still pretty much does) but I liked him in Arrested Development. Maybe it’s the role or the just the show in general but let me relate this to the picture. If you were to ask me months ago what I thought of Jason Bateman, I’d flat out say he sucks. Now a few months down the road I have changed my tune a little bit and think he’s OK. This is a complete perception issue and should be understood when evaluating anything. People’s perceptions can change based on new information or the passage of time. I think it shows that you have to believe in your own opinion first and foremost and be prepared to listen to everyone else with the understanding that you can alter your own mindset. Staying firm in your beliefs is probably the recipe for a stubborn, blockhead.