Anyone who reads this post I think it would be a good idea to participate in the poll to the right. I was talking about my vacation to New Zealand with a few friends and they were asking if Sam was going. Sam is 20 years old and hasn’t had much experience out of the country. My initial thought was that if Sam wanted to go he could pay for himself and join us on the trip. They disagreed and wondered why my parents wouldn’t pay for him to go. From personal experience, I haven’t taken a dime of my parents money since I was 18. Now I know they paid for my education which is a bill I’d probably still be paying but I paid my rent and any books and random BS since I was 18 without a handout from my parents. I worked during the Summers to pay my way through the year. Now I don’t necessarily agree that my parents should pay for a vacation like this that probably costs about 2,000 dollars. I’m curious to know what other people think about parents paying for their children to take trips? Is 18 the cut off? Is 21? Where does it end if ever? Any thoughts?