I had an experience which makes me a firm believer in the following idea that bacteria makes you sick. I spent the last 4 days in Florida and felt 100%. I come back home for one day and when I woke up this morning I felt like I was developing a sore throat. The simple thought is that people get sick from time to time and that’s what happened to me. This is not how I think. I consider every thing I could have done that could have given me a sore throat. Any interaction I might have had with somebody’s germs or some other possible bacteria influences my body. You don’t get sick for no reason and after thinking about what I was drinking out of, what I was eating, what I was cleaning my mouth with, I came to the conclusion that my electric tooth brush that I hadn’t used in months was the culprit. My regular tooth brush was in my travel bag so I decided to use a different toothbrush and I absolutely think that it had to have had some bacteria on it that interacted with something in my throat. I don’t get sick for no reason and I wonder how many other people think the same way. Just some food for thought.