I might be a bit off here calling him underrated but I still am not sure people realize how much popular music he has come up with. Notice I used popular and not good. Bottom line though is that even though every single “rap” he creates sounds exactly the same, he has his name on so many tracks that he has to be considered at the top in terms of worldwide appeal. Just to give you an idea of some of the songs that are labeled his or he has an appearance in:
Low, Right Round, Sugar, In the Ayer, Where Them Girls At, Club Can’t Handle Me, Who Dat Girl, Hangover, Good Feeling and Wild Ones
I don’t listen to a lot of this popular mainstream music but I’m aware of its existence and I’ve heard of every one of these songs. That’s at least 10 well known tracks in a 3-4 year period which is hard to do. I think the fact that chorus on all the songs are so damn catchy that he’s just along for the ride and this would actually make him overrated. Results speak though.

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin underrated!?!?! Yes, he is underrated. Why? Simply because his team is 9-3 since he’s been getting substantial minutes and that is getting overlooked by “linsanity”. The easiest thing to say about Jeremy is that he’s a flash in the pan and his day will fade just like so many others. I tend to think that this will not be the case and here’s why, he’s smart. He thinks about the game at a high analytical level. I can tell from listening to him talk that he learns how teams are defending his tendencies and he’s constantly thinking of ways to beat them. He turns the ball over a ridiculous amount of times but that will improve with experience. He fills up the stat sheets and as long as he keeps winning, I don’t see why people think he’ll burn out. Underrated might be the wrong word but I actually think he’ll get better (or remain as hot as he’s been) before he gets worse which would prove plenty of people wrong.

Arrested Development

I’ve caved and will give this show credit. It’s subtle, witty humor has come a long way with me. I still don’t think it’s the greatest show on television which I’m sure people think but it has its hilarious moments. Each character has their own unique offering that just gives the show so much substance. My personal favorite is Buster Bluth and the “hey brother” but his character is hilarious in just about every scene. Gob is such comic relief that it’s a shame Will Arnett sort of bombs in other roles. Portia is smoking hot and it sucks she’s a lesbo. My pure hate for Jason Bateman has subsided as I feel he does a good job keeping the story moving without getting in the way or being annoying which differs from my earlier thoughts. The Mom and Dad are wonderful and Tobias has some of the best lines in network TV that I’ve ever heard. 3 seasons is indeed too short for a high quality network series like this.