Today was the first full work day since last Wednesday. I had mixed emotions throughout as I enjoyed the networking and meeting people of the past few days compared to this daily routine. I don’t think this is too unusual though and it will feel like normal in due time. Obviously I’m pretty excited for a week off to see Jeff and Nicole in New Zealand but I still have to get through this week. If you’ve been reading the last few posts you’ll see somewhat of a transformation in myself but I think it’s just an adjustment period. Meaning that I’ll just have to assimilate these thoughts into my day to day instead of constantly focusing and writing about them. It’s good though to share this type of enlightenment period so that other people can read about things that I experience that alter my life.

The other thing is that I find myself writing more about what’s going on in my life like this is a therapy session and this blog is my outlet. My feeling is that this isn’t the reason people go to my site. Finding yourself is fine but I don’t feel like it’s entertaining material. I guess I find it interesting that I’m more aware of these thoughts currently then ever before in my entire life. Trying to understand the more important aspects of life. No one cares how much money is in your bank account when you die or all the time spent playing video games. I know that I’ve wasted HUGE amounts of time in my life and it’s just trying to keep looking forward and living the right way. I promise this will be my last too personal post and I’ll give some better time wasting material. Till then.