I can’t explain it exactly but something has changed. Rnningfool.com is starting to lose its Brandi Passante traffic. I’m no longer getting thousands of hits and things are returning to normal. The bounce rate is dropping and time on site is increasing so the analytics are showing a truer reflection of people who want to visit this site compared to people who accidentally find their way here. I feel like this ends the Brandi era. It is interesting to note though how this unusual trend happened and then try to ask why it happened. A single picture of D-list celebrity and the word mug shot was the combination to success. I think the key was it being a person who was relatively famous but not someone that is covered by every major national tabloid. A blog like this doesn’t compete in the searches with “real” sites. It also helps that the female had big cans which is something I will also remember for the future.

I am happy to feel like I get a fresh start though with some new ideas. I wasn’t able to conform to the structure that I laid out a few weeks ago with a different topic post on a per day basis. My schedule is too inconsistent. If I planned the project in advance and had months of posts ahead of time, this would work. Sometimes I can’t find the time to post every day. Also ideas for posts don’t always come to me. I can rattle off 3 posts a day some days and others I can just sit there for hours. I can’t explain why. I also have to do a better job with writing down things I think of during the day that would turn into posts.

Another reason I write about a new era is that it’s time I rise from the 2nd tier that I described a few posts ago. I’m attributing the Brandi era as a segment of my life that I’m now shifting out of. This new era will be a more self-confident me who will try to bring this feeling to not only my social interactions but this blog as well. I think I’ve always had some sort of self confidence issues whether it be public speaking, socializing, or just not believing in my abilities. I think I’ve hindered myself to various degrees because of my own self perception. For instance, the thought “I can’t make a lay up in basketball” has actually prevented me from making lay ups. The mindset “I’m an awesome player and I will bring my abilities to the court the best I can” would be better. I think the idea of this paragraph though is all a maturation process through life. Most people can’t just be a charismatic leader like Mark Cuban, it takes time and learning. That’s the key to life, don’t let people persuade you to be someone your not and to always keep learning and improving. This next era of my life will be the best yet with hopefully better posts and better stories.