Back on January 12th I wrote this in a post:
The oddest purchase I made was a Sublime shirt for 13 bucks. I’m not a huge fan of Sublime, I mean I like their music when the time is right but I’m not ape shit over them like I am with Led Zeppelin. HOWEVER, I feel like Sublime has this great vibe surrounding them because their lead singer died and now everyone just accepts them as a good band so I’m making a statement of fitting in with people even though I don’t really agree with the band. This could be construed as living for other people instead of yourself but I think it’s ok if you know you’re doing it.

I had an unusual circumstance arise on Saturday night. I wore the Sublime tee under my zip Polo hoodie and a person completely called it out exactly how I just wrote it. Now this thought about what I think about Sublime isn’t something that someone can think of on their own. So obviously they read the blog and took this entry to remind me of what I wrote. It sort of goes with my theory that there are plenty of lurkers and they only spring up every so often. Anyway, I had no idea how to respond when the person brings this up and it was a room of 6 people or so and I wasn’t going to be like “OMG U READ MY BLOG!” I basically didn’t say anything and just let the subject change. I’ve been finding myself pretty comfortable lately in social situations but this one had me stymied. If you ever want to back me into a corner, just talk to me about my blog publicly. I don’t have a problem talking about it if your telling me if you liked or disliked something I did, but I found this to tough to overcome.