So as of late I’ve been experimenting with being more personable. Mainly talking to strangers, making eye contact, and just trying to identify with people. This is not my normal self but simple things taking me out of a comfort zone is probably healthy. Anyway, I go to Dunkin Donuts in the morning and usually get a sesame seed bagel with cream cheese. So they usually have one employee there who makes the sandwiches and he’s noticed I order the same thing. So I said something stupid like “so I guess you’ve noticed I usually order the same thing every day.” He gave some response but what this did was instilled that I order the same thing every day. Now whenever I walk into D&D, it doesn’t matter how long the line is, he is always preparing my bagel and cream cheese so I never have to wait for him to make it. It’s a real kind gesture and great because I’m in and out in record time but he’s put me in a spot where I can’t order anything different. Say I want a Big and Toasty and he sees me and begins the bagel process before I even order. I’m not going to disappoint him and say that’s not what I wanted. Just another scenario of life throwing an unexpected curve ball. Damn life’s tough.