This webpage does a better job than me in ranking TV shows but I still have an opinion. I think that my 1,2,3 are without a doubt the best shows ever created. The excitement that’s created from these shows is what makes them top the list. This type of excitement isn’t found in network TV. Here are my 3 top TV series ever and then quick run down of some others that I’ve liked.

3. Breaking Bad

I think I finished the first 3 seasons on Netflix in 2 weeks and then watched the 4th in 3 days on After every episode I couldn’t wait to start the next episode. The dynamic between Jesse and Walt is just pure chemistry and then your throw in awesome characters like Saul Goodman, Gus, and Mike the hitman. Seriously the characters are awesome, the story is awesome, and I can’t wait to see how they conclude in Season 5.

2. The Sopranos

I didn’t start the Soprano’s until 2011 and I watched all 7 or so seasons in a few months on This was really an effective way to watch it and I’m glad that I didn’t just dismiss the Soprano’s even though I was late to the show. Tony is one of the best protagonists of all time with great supporting roles from Little Steven (Dante), Tony Sirico (Pauly) and Michael Imperioli (Christopher). You really feel a part of a Mafia family and the details really make the show. I will add that I think it started to head downhill when AJ started getting older and Vito came out of the closet. The ending seasons weren’t nearly as good as the beginning.

1. The Wire

It’s been about 5 years since I watched all the seasons of the Wire and I probably won’t have nearly as good as a review as if it were fresh in my mind. I just remember watching episode after episode and just not stopping until I finished the season. McNulty became my hero for those weeks while watching. I started ordering Jameson at the bar and just thinking I was a real bad ass. Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell are recognizable in any circle unless your circle sucks. Even Marlow did a good job of filling the shoes. Plus they made the gangster Omar the hardest gay man alive. This shows realism is what sets it apart. The detective work combined with the drug trade in Baltimore was phenomenal for the 5 seasons it had. Deserved of this #1 spot.

Dexter – Really lagging in its later seasons. The Ice Truck Killer through the Trinity Killer were dynamite, since, not so much.
Californication – An edgy show that makes sexual situations hilarious.
Modern Family – The best comedy on Network TV.
Freaks and Geeks – A good series about high school life. I’ll lend my DVD’s to anyone who asks.

Shows I still have to watch:
Arrested Development – I’m 15 episodes and don’t really see the significant hype
Mad Men – I watched episode 1 and didn’t find it good.
Louie – I hear it’s good
Homeland – Good reviews
Shameless – Watched the first 2 episodes and didn’t really get it