The hardest thing about personal blogging is the realization that not many people will read what you write unless there’s a stroke of luck with the Google algorithms. It isn’t so much that I want people to read what I write as much as it is getting the opportunity for them to read what I write. I know I write a lot of crap and I just don’t always know it’s going to be crap when I’m writing it but I’ll be 250 words deep, think it’s crap, and then just finish it up because I’m already invested in it. However, this entry about the SuperBowl Halftime Performers was not crap. I spent near 2 hours watching past Superbowl Halftimes, commenting on them, and then explaining who I’d want to see. I thought the timing was perfect for the post a week before the actual event. I linked plenty of youtube clips which would strengthen the page and for what? For nothing! Google hasn’t sent a penny of traffic to that post and I’m sitting here scratching my head. I feel like it’s throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks. This particular circumstance is easily the most frustrating thing about blogging. I’m over the fact that people don’t comment or participate but I need to feel some sort of reward from Google for good efforts.