So the most exciting thing in my life was this morning I woke up when my clock showed 6:45. This was exactly 30 seconds before my phone alarm also went off at 6:45. The two clocks are 30 seconds apart which allowed for this incredible event. I do find it unbelievable that the first time I woke up this morning was my exact programmed time making me wonder why I even use an alarm clock. I ended up turning off the alarm and sleeping til 7:30 for what its worth.

That’s seriously the best story I have. I went to the Sixers game on Friday which was what I expected it to be and Saturday I drank and few beers and went to the Tavern on Broad which was also what I expected. No blackouts, no stories, no nothing. Pretty uneventful I know. I also can’t explain why I seem to lose any motivation to maintain my blog on the weekends. Probably the booze. I’m not keeping up at all with the structure I tried to install but that’s the way it goes.