To start off, please drive with your lights on at all time, especially in the snow.

Friday and Saturday night were standard. Went to some sweater party and then the bar which was problematic because I had a blister on my foot from the treadmill and it made it annoying to get around. Saturday I started drinking around noon and all day throughout without a nap or anything. The night ended at the US hotel which I must say is becoming a staple of my weekend end night. Sunday was easily the most bizarre day. J Kash was evaluating his car situation and ran into some girls who live close by. They told him to stop by for the Eagles game in a “yeah we are saying this but don’t really expect you to show.” Little did they know we rang the bell at 4 ready to watch the game. There were 3 of them and a random bro and I was prepared for the initial awkwardness. I texted him 5 minutes in saying I think we should go, which would have been even weirder. So we grabbed a couple of their beers and cozied in for some football with our new friends. After the introductions where I said my name and then insta forgot any name they said, things got pretty normal. We ended up playing a game at halftime and I think they legitimately liked us. It went surprisingly well for showing up at someones house who you never have met before. I ended up borrowing one of their books which is called My horizontal life. It’s a chick book equivalent to the Tucker Max book. I’ve never heard of Chelsea Handler but I’m sure she’s popular among girls. The book came out in 2005 so I’m way late but I read it none the less. It was a 3 hour read or so and I just can say that reading these things from a girls perspective is a whole lot different then a guys. When Tucker Max unleashes an 8 roper into a girls eye, I’m ok with that. When Chelsea Handler writes “My gas was really acting up, so I decided to cut my losses, go to the bathroom, and take a dump. Boy did I ever. I made a mental note to myself never to eat Mexican on weekends…” this does not make me want to read on. However, the book is somewhat entertaining and it’s interesting to read these types of stories from a girls perspective. My book review aside, it was a genius move to take the book because now I have to return it. I give it a 50-50 shot that we ever see these girls again but sometimes doing out of the blue things turns out to be the most fun.

To move onto betting. I put 75 bucks on the pats which pushed. I had a 3 team under parlay on the jets, eagles, and ravens which hit for 150 and I had 75 on the birds. I lost 125 on the vikings and tonight I played the suns and giants which split. Up 100 for the weekend, which puts me down 100 bucks 15 weeks into the season. I think that’s pretty good and I’ve done some good br mgmt despite 15 weekends of drunkenness.

I also haven’t made plans for new years. We usually throw a party but for some reason I hate the expectations that come along with throwing a party, that I’d rather just not have one. However, since it’s already the 22nd and I have nothing really scheduled, it looks like we will just get a keg and have some people over. If you have no plans and read this, you can let me know and you are pretty much invited.