41) If you don’t have a flash drive, you aren’t an important person. The reason for the flash drive is to backup important documents in case your computer crashes. If you aren’t backing anything up, then you must not have anything important, thus the first sentence.
42) When I see “c” or “u” in text messages I just think the person is, and don’t take this the wrong way if you do it, dumb. It’s completely taking a dump on the English language. I have one friend who will capitalize and punctuate everything, which I think is far superior than the shorthand, although probably not necessary. I say type it out or I just immediately put you in the category of an education of a middle schooler.
43) I apply body wash with my hands and I remember one dude said only a caveman would wash himself like that, but I don’t really see the difference between that or a homo wash cloth. Bar soap is so outdated that is just grosses me out that its a constant bacteria magnet.
44) I’m turning into my dad in the sense that if he ever has to do something, he writes it down. Normally I just trust my memory but as much as I would like to disagree with it, writing shit down greatly increases the chance of doing it. Plus if it’s a multiple item list you may get 9 or 10 to your memory but writing it down gets the tenth.
45) I’ve never understood whitening toothpaste. I’ve tried it and never noticed a difference. I even tried the whitestrips at one point but they are just annoying to keep on and seemed like a waste of cash.
46) In the 4+ years I’ve been out of college I’ve shelled out a lot of money on car and health insurance. The company pays for my health but nonetheless, these are thousands of dollars that have seen no return on their investment. That’s obviously a good thing but to think that this is not legally stealing is hard to believe. Don’t I deserve some kickback or prize do to my ability to survive safely on this earth?
47) I’ve bought coughdrops the last few days and I’m pretty sure these are just candies with no real soothing ability. Sometimes I think they clear my nose but I find myself wanting to eat them for no other reason than the syrup inside the middle of the candy.
48) I ate a bacon, egg, and cheese on a plain bagel from dunkin donuts today. Do not want.
49) Growing up I used to never miss Saved by the Bell, Full House, Step by Step (huge crush on Al), Family Matters. Sting in WCW was my hero for a time period. Duck Tales, Voltron, and GI Joe were personal favorite cartoons. I used to hate David the mutherfucking Gnome but I’d watch it anyway all the time. Did he use to ride on a rat?
50) Since this is the halfway point, I asked my brother if I should keep going with these numbered lists and he said it’s still a long way and I should quit while I’m ahead. I’m not really sure what that means but I’ll assume it’s somewhat of a decent read if he thinks I’m ahead at all.
51) I like how some people sign their name in a manner that it’s impossible to read. I’ve never really understood the point of that. It seems to me that you’d like your signature to be legible so people know who it’s coming from. Now I know most of the time the name of the person will be elsewhere on the stationary, but still.
52) Hersey Hawkins used to be my favorite bball player when I was a kid. My dad used to buy me a pack of cards from 7-11 every weekend. Little did I know the cards he was buying me were the 86-87 season with the Jordan “rookie card”. I don’t think I ever had Jordan but definitely Ewing, Hakeem, and Barkley. If I would have kept those cards in good condition they would have made a nice return instead I was young and dumb and either ripped them up or lost them. For what it’s worth Jordan was 33% from beyond the arc for his career.
53) phriday1
54) Mondays and the Winters are my least favorite day and season and the opposite of Fridays and the Summers take the cake. My frost biten foot still has a shade of purple when my toes are cold and that’s why winter is my least favorite time. Also why I dislike skiing.
55) I wrote another email into 104.5, which I’ll share when I get a response, but quality songs out now with little play are Trinity by Paper Tongues, In Case of Rapture by As Tall as Lions, Lions by the Features, Too Fake by Hockey, and Take Me Home by Midnight Project.
56) I did sporcle’s VH1’s 100 top 80’s songs and got 84 on the first try. Whoever commented on my last one about the 156, see if you can top my 80’s knowledge. Can you beat me?
57) I went to dinner with my Mom and I noticed that when two people go out and there are two booths looking at each other, some people choose to both sit in the same booth. This just absolutely boggles my mind. People will go out and have to turn their heads 90 degrees to look at one another. Yes you’re closer and can cuddle, but c’mon this is just one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen.
58) It really annoys me when people hum a tune when they can’t stand the silence. For example, there will be two people in the same room and neither knows what to say to one another, so someone will just start humming a tune to block the awkward silence. I prefer the silence. Silence doesn’t bother me but you humming a tune does.
59) I never really know when to change a razor blade. After a few shaves I’ll be like, “man that really hurt because the blade was dull, but I think I can squeeze out one more shave.” This will obviously continue until I final cave in. I feel like the jews have to change blades more often because their beards come in so much thicker. It probably bothers them that they have to spend more money on razors then other religions.
60) Since I put this link up on facebook, I’ll assume I’ll get a few more visits from randoms than usual. I don’t really have any real point of keeping this blog other than to amuse other people and help them kill time when they should be working. Hopefully this helps a bit.