This Saturday, I woke up fairly hungover at 12pm and took a shower. For some reason blog topics tend to come to me while I’m showering. I think it has something to do with just standing there not doing anything. I can pretty much shampoo and condition my hair, clean my face, and wash my body in 2 minutes buy my average shower probably lasts 7. Sick people probably make a masturbating joke but it’s difficult and way more time consuming with no visualization. Anyway, I thought of the phrase sudden death for some reason and I think most people just think of it as a term rather than really looking into it. The term sudden death means all or nothing. The literal meaning is a little different. What kind of death isn’t sudden? Unless you’re of old age and die in your sleep, nobody ever really expects to die. Which also got me thinking that of all the painful ways to die, people who die in their sleep are probably the people who have earned that privilege. Assuming I believe in god, what if he chose your way to die based on the type of life you live. That your actions in life determine your death. Good, non-sinning people get to die in their sleep while the rest of us have to deal with heart attacks, car wrecks, and cancer. This obviously isn’t the case because I’m sure good people get malicious diseases all the time at no fault of their own but it’s still something to consider. I also should point out that I attribute this post to the series 6 Feet Under where a person dies at the beginning of every episode, almost always suddenly.