After just perusing Yahoo’s top stories, there are a couple that deserve comments.

2011 Film Flops – They displayed a bunch of movies with big stars in them such as Katie Holmes, Nicolas Cage, and Natalie Portman that completely bombed at the box office. Out of the 11 movies the top one grossed 30,000. How is that even possible? I have to assume that the salaries these actors are getting are many times that. The last movie with Ashley Judd grossed 1,200 dollars? I think I could make a video on youtube that grosses more than that. Essentially we are seeing a declining market in the movies. Be it overpriced, better alternatives, or just a change in times, this industry can’t keep losing money like this.

Chaz splits from Fiancee– Anyone else find this wildly disturbing. I’m not up to date on Chaz’s life but let me see if I understand this. Chaz was a woman who I have to guess was friends with this other woman. Then he decided to be a man and proposed to her? Now they are calling it off? Shocking, I wonder what went wrong. America is a really bizarre place for not only this to happen but for it to be a major headline.

11 Failing Companies – Not a huge amount of shockers here. I’ve wrote before of how retail stores are destined to fail so it’s not surprising to see Best Buy. Blackberry is just a matter of time before EVERYONE realizes they are inferior to other devices out there. The Washington Post is a failing print media company which will be extinct 5 years from now. OfficeMax is a complete joke and I could see that coming a mile away. The physical mailing of DVD’s will haunt Netflix but I still think they have enough innovation in the streaming. HP has always seemed like an off brand for me. Sears won’t last and Bank of America will just sort of survive. Interesting year though for companies.