I’m going to fill everyone in on a great word to use, respect. Some people try to be cool, others want to be rich, but what every human being really wants is respect. There are very few compliments better than “I respect so and so.” Here are a few traits that help you gain respect and I’ll use this post to point them out.

Honesty – People can’t respect you if they don’t trust you. Once you fall into this category of untrustworthy, you can’t gain back someones respect.
Reliable – You say you are going to do something and then do it. There’s nothing worst then having someone say they are going to do something only to have it go unfinished. This goes hand in hand with punctuality. Always wondering or waiting on someone show their lack of seriousness towards issues at hand.
Intuitive – You don’t need people to tell you do something. You do it because you are smart enough to realize it needs to be done. You can’t gain respect if other people are constantly telling you what to do.
Talent – People respect talent because usually there is effort behind it. Some sort of learning or practice that was developed in order to excel. Physical gifts can sometimes make up talent but guys like Reggie Evans and Dennis Rodman earn respect for their hard work.

Nobody want to be known as a goofball. You want people who come in your company to value your opinions because they think you have something intelligent to say. This is usually how good friends develop because there can be a mutual respect. People who respect each other are less likely to squabble over stupidity. Not everyone though will believe in this post. Many people’s prerogative isn’t to gain respect of their peers. Although I do find this to be a reasonable means of life, I believe earning respect will make you a better, stronger person.