Primetime had their playoff game this weekend and it didn’t end so well. We suffered the 2nd loss of the season and are now bounced from the playoffs. There wasn’t really much to say about the game except that our offense was limited and we gave them the ball in some good spots. With the score 14-12 in the middle of the second half, we had the ball on their 1 yard line and a costly pick was thrown. That shifted the momentum and they scored twice on us to seal the deal. Losing sucks in general but we didn’t have what it took to repeat as champs this year. We were missing a few key players and just basically lost.

Fantasy wise, things are coming to playoffs. I’ve made the playoffs in 4 of 5 leagues which isn’t too shabby. I got completely lucky to sneak into the Schmidts playoff having a 5-7 record. I needed everything to go perfect today and it actually did. I put up a big number in Evan’s league to separate myself a bit in the points race and get a record that should get me a playoff berth. It’s not final but I should be in control. I will make Bake’s playoffs which I’m pretty sure I have the best team. I did much better in the Yahoo leagues when compared to the ESPN league. Not sure why.

I didn’t place any bets this weekend but did play poker for a few hours on Saturday. I ended up winning 260 in about 4 hours of play. A key hand was when I raised to 10 in EP with QQ and got 3 callers. The flop came 743 and I bet 25. A guy raised to 75 and he had about 125 behind. I thought about it for a minute and decided he probably wouldn’t be doing that with a set and with no other reraise pf I didn’t think he had AA or KK. I put him on a smaller pair and went all in and he ended up calling quickly. He ended up mucking so I just assume I was way ahead. In one other hand, I had K6 on a flop of k65. A man bet 25 and I raised him to 65, he called. On the turn a 5 came and the guy pushed. I ended up folding and he said he had AA. I played pretty well I thought and was happy to walk away with a winning session.