I look at my poop after every dump?

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4 people were lying. How do I know this? Everyone looks at their own poop. It’s healthy to look at your own poop. What other way can you know for certain if you are in good health? I’m going to try not to be too descriptive here but I assume that if you have nice log action and hardly any wipe, you should be feeling good. Messy, runny, too hard or a plethora of other reasons would generally mean you aren’t at your best. It’s not like you can tell that from looking at yourself in the mirror. I might look perfectly fine on the outside but feel like shit on the inside. Your shit is a good indicator. So all I’m saying is that there’s nothing wrong with looking at your poop so the 4 people who replied no, you are going to have to take a course in honesty. I also want to add that there’s nothing wrong with flushing multiple times either. Especially in a foreign area.

In other news though, to get 18 people to respond to my poll is pretty significant. That’s the second highest total ever and it’s nice to see some participation. I never really know what to make the poll question or how long to keep it up. Most everything I do lately with this site is just an experiment. Adding the title portion with my picture isn’t something that I think is really that great. Personally I would just like to have everything in black and white and just type it like a word document. However, people are attracted to colors and I do believe that personalizing a blog helps as well. I have been altering the layout a bit too with the category section and am going to add some better pages to the top nav bar. Things are still business as usual through December.