Last week’s Monday post was titled “miserable”, this week is more of the same. The Phillies and Eagles seasons are over. I briefly wrote about the Phillies and I’m not completely shattered by it. The Eagles are the sloppiest team in the NFL right now. Penalties, fumbles, terrible coaching, you name it they have it. Our football team in the Manayunk Sport and Social got worked on Saturday. We were down 28-24 or something close at halftime and ended up losing 58-30. Our defense didn’t stop them from scoring a touchdown one time the entire game. It was ugly. I did have a little bit of winning betting on sports this week winning 4 college football games in a row and one MLB game. I took that into Sunday where I put 140 bucks on Cam Newton and the Panthers which covered. I then proceeded to lose that money by betting on the Bronco’s and the Falcon’s. It’s still sort of free money so I’m not complaining. My fantasy teams also took it on the chin as I’ll go 1-3 with one game looming. I need Calvin to go for about 13 points to salvage a terrible week and beat Evan.

I’ll probably won’t be posting after tomorrow because I’m going to Atlanta for a roofing show and then spending some time in Ft Lauderdale with the Rock. I could use a break as this monotony of work and play is getting boring. The same way this blog is. I know I haven’t been putting much effort into it but it sort of comes and goes. Sometimes I feel like I have interesting things to write about any other times zip.