I’ve sort of been on an ad analysis brigade lately but I think it’s because I’m constantly surrounded by them so I have to form an opinion. I caught up on the first 4 episodes of Modern Family today on Hulu. I think the show is above average but these first few episodes weren’t my favorite. Lily talking now kind of weirds me out, Gloria is actually really annoying, and the Phil/Luke buddy buddy thing is played out. Cam doing the Stella screams had me cracking up. Anyway, they usually have two 45 second ads (one 15 seconds and the other 30 seconds) in between each 8 minutes or so where there would normally be 2-3 minutes on television. Sometimes they even give you an option to watch a really long commercial in the beginning and then you don’t have to watch any commercials. Being on the computer is nice because you don’t really have to watch the commercials because you can just look at anything you want on the internet while the commercials are playing. The thing is that Hulu is so close to actually getting me to watch the commercials. The two ads are usually 45 seconds and it’s just 15 seconds too long. I think that they should have two 15 second ads and then I’d watch them both. As is, I don’t watch anything. They also have this box in the upper right saying was this ad relevant to you? How the hell is any Geico ad going to be relevant to me? I really dig the service though and it’s nice not having to worry about if I dvr’d a show or not. Plus, companies should be paying more for these Hulu ads because people are forced to watch them because it’s such a short period of time. In a regular show, they can flip through channels for up to 3 minutes without missing anything. In 45 seconds, you are sort of confined to sitting in your chair watching the screen. I applaud the effort by Hulu but a 15 second cut would make all the difference for me to watch. I also think if you have money it’s a great place to get noticed. CiCi’s Pizza ran an ad that had 3 medium pizzas for 9.99 and I actually remembered it and am not blogging about it. It must have had an effect on a company I’ve never even heard about.