I feel like I owe my readers some life update because the majority of my posts lately have been about random topics that strike me throughout the day. I’ve come to the conclusion that these are generally more interesting than my life. After the Distance Run last Sunday I stopped running. Aside from a Bball and Football game I’ve been loafing around watching TV, reading or something else. My Beatles book, fantasy football and random TV has been occupying my time. It’s funny because I’m actually bored writing about it so I can only imagine how you must feel reading about it. It’s just the same routine day in and day out. Work, few hours of freedom, sleep, work… I don’t dislike working but these weeks are really running together. I do get to go to Atlanta in a few weeks for a sheet metal show and then visit the Rock in Ft. Lauderdale for a couple of days. That’s at least something to look forward to. I’ve also been in the market for some wireless speakers and a new computer. With all these songs I have access to, I am sort of limited to listening to them in my room. Hooking up nice speakers that can used for the TV and to play music from my computer or phone would bring me into 2011. Also, the computers out there are really cheap. I like the touch screens where all the hardware is built in the monitor. I’ve always found laptops to be annoying and just prefer a keyboard and mouse that isn’t set up for a tiny person. This computer is almost 6 years old and it still works but it’s time I upgraded to something more modern.