I’m reading a book about the Beatles and I’m probably going to reference to it quite a bit in these next coming weeks. As I read the book I have their songs playing in the background and will usually listen to whatever song is being described. Anyway, this post is being created by an important concept that may help to explain why the Beatles are as great as they are. Plus it doesn’t just pertain to the Beatles but any group work.

Lennon/McCartney was as much pact as fact, and it was a good pact, for whatever the assumptions and motivation in their young heads when early in the Beatles’ career they decided on this joint credit no matter what the respective contribution, they were laying the foundation of the strength of the partnership. If each was to receive fifty per cent remuneration and public credit regardless, there was no reason not to help the other as best they could, rather than hold back good riffs, hooks and ideas for their own work.

This just strikes me as so awesome because I feel like people in today’s society are strictly out for personal gain. Selflessness is a lost attribute in 2011. I have no doubt this is probably why the Beatles were such a great band because they had such a great partnership and realtionship. Being talented and good looking didn’t hurt.