Well that’s going a bit overboard but we did have our first game Tuesday night for the Fall League. We added two new players in Kope and Mike and said goodbye to our sniper Evan and my brother, both of whom relocated. The first game was against a team that wasn’t very good and there was an unusual turn of events 4 minutes into the 2nd half. Kope threw the ball off their player and the far ref said it was our possession. The other player seemed to think we convinced the ref it went off him and he cursed off the ref. The ref than told him to stop giving him the death stare and he did it again. This got him 2 T’s and he got kicked out of the game. We were only up by 6 at that point but after that little incident, we ended up winning by more than 20. We were pretty rusty for the first game of the season but hopefully we’ll improve. For Bud, Casey, CK4 and myself, it was virtually the first time playing since winter ball.

Our team is pretty interesting in the sense that we are all 6ft tall and pretty much play the same position. Ck4 and Mike are basically both scorers and good shooters. Kope is a good addition because he’s athletic and can help us put the ball in the basket. Bake is our most well rounded player because he can shoot and direct the offense. Casey gives us some quickness and handling that we lack. Bud is solid and won’t turn the ball over or take bad shots. As long as I make my open shots I can be efficient which is a nice way of saying that I can help out by not screwing up. We also have a 6-6 guy who I’m not even going to say he’s on our team until he shows up to a game. This should be an interesting year and hopefully we can make a run in the playoffs.