Jeff asked me today why I blog so much about Storage Wars and I told him because the majority of people who visit this site are searching for Brandi from Storage Wars. Yesterday marked the second highest day ever in terms of traffic for at 603 visits. I’m telling you right now that it’s not an easy task to have 603 people visit your blog in one day. I know this is gonna sound stupid to some but I’m considering just creating an episode guide to storage wars on another site. The fundamental problem with is that it’s too diverse. My topics range from running to poker to celebs to sports to news. It’s all over the place and it doesn’t really have a point. For a site like this to get as much traffic as it does is really amazing. I’m a mildly interesting person but for 6,000 people a month to visit my site is really an accomplishment. I’d wager out of that 6,000 about 50 people actually know who I am. I still can’t seem to generate comments but maybe these new like buttons will come in handy. I know this is a real stretch but if you actually see something on this site you like, could you click on of the buttons just to make sure they do something. I like to do a post like this every so often just to let my loyal readers know where I stand with the blog. I still am giving it attention and will continue to develop this site into something better than it is.